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Sunset Villas****
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Best quality services, exemplary cleanliness, privacy, comfort.

This would be the brief characterization of Sunset Villas Hotel –Restaurant **** Predeal

The accommodation is provided in generous rooms, each with another setting. The moquette is thick and soft, the bed sheets are high-quality ones, the towels are made of 100% cotton, the bathrooms are provided with hair drier and the tourists are provided with a wide range of disposable materials (dental kit, slippers, sewing kit, silicone-impregnated napkins for footwear, hygienic bags, ear cotton buds, etc.)

Each room has a radio, LCD TV set and wireless access to the internet.

The restaurant and the bar provide perfect privacy and are opened on a daily basis from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. The interior space is supplemented by the exterior terrace where it is also possible to serve the meals. The menu is a traditional one, but the accent is placed on specialties, including fish-based ones.

The bar is provided with the finest and rarest drinks, our stock satisfying all exigencies.

Brandies distilled from very old wines (XO), whisky up to 25 years old, old wines and wines from the famous Romanian vineyards wait to be tasted.

The free time spending organizationis one of chapters to each we pay the same attention as in the case of the other services that we provide.

Our guests may participate in mountain hikes, microbus trips to the monuments in the surrounding area, they can visit caves, they can ride bikes on mountain paths or they may choose to run a circuit on ATVs accompanied by our guides.

Group activities such as paintball, zip-line, initiation in alpinism are also available.

Due to the fact that we can offer complex services at the highest qualitative standard, we are the only unit in the country (possibly even in Europe) which provides its guests with the Ultra All Inclusive tourism package.

Aventura in Piatra Craiului
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PiatraCraiului Mountainsare simply spectacular. A blade-like calcareous crest lies from north to south and by far they seem inaccessible.

From the grazing situated at the mountain feet, one may see entirely the man walking on the crest. This because the tack of the crest follows exactly the outline of the blade I mentioned. By crossing it, you are permanently on the highest point on the crest. You follow the outline of every rock encountered since most of the time you don’t manage to avoid it. It is like you would walk on a balustrade situated on height.

On the largest part of the crest track, you are surrounded on both sides by steep. You are covering the track walking exactly on the edge of vertical walls from west to east.

The hawks are flying just near you and the chamois may be seen rather far in the valley.

It is a prominent, high, unitary crest, with a length of around 25 km. It is probably useless to say that the venturing without guide on such crest may cause great problems.

A risk which you may encounter even if accompanied by a guide is the beauty of the landscapes. Although enough time is allotted to cross the crest track, due to the hundreds of photos the tourists want to make, it is delayed very much and thus the risk increases for the entire group. Everything you see in Piatra Craiului is so beautiful that simply makes you ignore the advice of the guide. But, in Romania may be encountered mountains where the highest risks of accidents are faced thus the discipline on the track is obligatory.

Only if one arrives there may understand why the majority of people want to take photos by every step they take. Piatra Craiului is a mountain that invites you to visit it every day. It is rather impossible to describe in words the beauty of tracks crossing it. Therefore, I will not even try it. If you are curious, you may see a very small part of the landscape by visiting the section VIDEO on our website.

By deciding to participate to the program Adventure in Piatra Craiului you undertake risks usually associated to extreme sports. However, the experience of the guides, their specific equipments for the safety of the group and the unconditioned discipline of participants make possible for every individual interested, with a good physical and psychical condition, to participate to such mountain tour.

The tracks from Piatra Craiului will mature an adolescent, will consolidate the self-confidence of an adult and will make a senior feel young again.

As an archaeologist cannot leave the Egypt without seeing the pyramids, a lover of mountain tours cannot leave Romania without seeing at least (if not crossing) Piatra Craiului Mountains.

We are expecting you to cross together the spectacular crest of such mountain of rare beauty.

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Nr. certificat de clasificare: 11547/8229/31.10.2011

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Tarifele NU includ TAXA DE  STATIUNE  a orasului PREDEAL : 3 LEI /persoana / zi ,aceasta taxa se achita la receptie in momentul cazarii.


 Cazare fara mic dejun inclus 200 ron camera dubla / noapte

 Cazare cu mic dejun inclus 250 ron camera dubla / noapte

   - minim 2 nopti

   -  pat suplimentar  65 ron / noapte

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